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July 1st Will Change Your (Joseph Ribkoff) Life!

July 1st Will Change Your (Joseph Ribkoff) Life!

Let's face it. Discounting is disruptive to regular price retailers. When we discount great fashion by top designers, we cause trouble in the marketplace. You probably notice that our regular-price competition all has price-match guarantees, right? Guess why? Guess who caused this phenomenon.

Well, we are about to cause more trouble. On July 1st, we are launching our version of discounted pricing for Season 221 of the Joseph Ribkoff Collection. So, go ahead and window-shop our competition and their "sales", but save your money for the real discounter who has changed the retail landscape,

And please don't forget...if you want another 30% off our publicly discounted prices and if you like unlimited coupon stacking, consider joining our VIP Gold Membership program. It will change the way you think about discount shopping!

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