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What Our Members Are Saying...

I love the VIP community where women of all shapes, sizes, walks of life come together in the spirit of fashion friendship to celebrate our uniqueness and lift each other up. Thank you Michael Weintraub and AfterRetail for creating such a special community. THIS is the ultimate shopping EXPERIENCE ❤

Gigi H.


Getting the last four boxes did so much for me. I hadn’t really thought about being depressed and wow my delight in getting all of my new JR clothes made me so excited again. I just love the VIP what bargains, quality, and style. As a realtor I cannot wait for the compliments to come! Ps Only my best friends hear about the VIP group....I’m selfish!

Lorna A.

I joined the VIP group because I found you in ebay under the sample sale guy whilst looking for the Joseph Ribkoff garments that I adore. I’ve never looked back and just waiting for my most recent purchases arriving with me in the UK.

Kay W.


I used to shop at your Sample Sale Guy and now AfterRetail VIP. Joseph Ribkoff is my favorite and You offer such wonderful deals. Special Deals that are not like others at all! It is so great that most clothes are in my sizes too 8-10. I Love shopping here Michael!!

Lynn G.

Love VIP for many reasons...most important, love seeing you as you are such a kosher ham...or better said a character. Love a chance at being among the first to see the great values etc.

Anne H.


Why do I love being in the VIP Group??? I found that having the ladies in our VIP group posting photos of their JR purchases gives me a view what “Real Women” look and feel like in wearing JR I do not see myself in an Ad with a young lady with a perfect body modelling JR. We all have our own “perfect bodies” and JR just enhances and makes us feel glamorous and fashionable. Of course our fashion guru Michael Weintraub gives us the deals that make it easier for us to shop and fill our closets with all these treasures.

Ingeborg J.

I’m in the VIP group because in it I have found my favorite clothing lines at discount prices but I have also found other women who feel much the same as I do about looking our best and feeling good! I trust Michael. He’s a man of integrity and his business model, how he treats and deals with us VPIs is exemplary. I wouldn’t give up being a VIP for anything! I love this group!

Molly G.


I fell in love with Joseph Ribkoff clothing but the full retail price held me back from having many pieces. I found you originally on eBay. I am a VIP and have a closet full of beautiful Joseph Ribkoff pieces!

Cheryl B.

I was turned on to JR clothes by my sister, Brianne, during on of our trip in 2016 and never looked back since. It was the Secret group on FB then. So much fun anticipating what Michael will list next. I love the positive energy of the women in this group. Michael and his team are superb. They exemplify what a shopping experience should be like. JR clothes are an art form. They look good on and so comfortable. Great for traveling! Thank you, thank you, Michael for continuing to bring us beautiful clothes at affordable prices!

Tiana G.


While I was on the way to St. Kitts on a cruise ship, I noticed an elegant store onboard with gorgeous clothes. That was my very first introduction to the beautiful Canadian designer, Joseph Ribkoff. I loved everything I saw! The price tag was high, so I was only going to treat myself to one article of clothing. Again, in Las Vegas at the Bellagio, Joseph Ribkoff caught my eye. When I went home, I did a little googling, and discovered and Michael Weintraub’s amazing prices. The rest, shall I say, is my new history, a new wardrobe of Joseph Ribkoff! Thank you, Michael for the new me.❤️

Bonnie W.

I am in the VIP group because I love JR! The styles are beautiful, the garments are very high quality and the prices in AfterRetail cannot be beat. Lastly, the members of this group are lovely ladies of all ages with wide ranging tastes and are incredibly supportive of each other. I even recruited my sister who loves JR and is now in the group as well!

Roberta W.


I Joined the V I P groups few years ago and have many gorgeous JR clothes from the Sample Guy and After retail the customer care is second to none . I had problems ordering a few years ago and Michael helped to find away around it . I keep in touch with some beautiful ladies in the V I P group have not been able to buy during the sale due to weight increase which I am loosing and will be back.

Susan R.

Great, upscale clothing at affordable prices from a company where the customer is No. 1 What’s not to love?

Nicolee B.


Tho I have just made one order from AfterRetail cause I am thousands of miles away, I definitely will order more when I live closer. I have received many compliments from my local, Fb friends wearing my JR top from AfterRetail.

Victoria M.

Why I love being in the VIP Group? Blessed with the “SISTERHOOD” of a common love... FASHION AT AFFORDABLE PRICES... A great support network! Love AfterRetail, Michael AND Staff!

Sheryl M.


I found Michael Weintraub through eBay a few years ago when he had the store all dressed up. It just keep getting better and better!

Lynn R.

I just joined VIP. I have been visiting your storefront for years and have loved your JR’s . So happy to be a new VIP. I can’t wait to be able to go out and show it off.❤️

Jane H.


Speaking of Dressed Up, I miss the crew. Unfortunately it will still be a while before I see you again in person. You are a very special team offering super service headed by Michael.

Anne H.

J’aime afterretail pour le rapport qualité prix de la marchandise. Le service à la clientèle et la camaraderie entre les membres du groupe. Pas toujours facile pour moi de tout comprendre mais je pense que j’y arrive

Carole L.