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When does 3=6? (Hint: Joseph Ribkoff Tops)

When does 3=6? (Hint: Joseph Ribkoff Tops)

We are unusal in the world of discounting. We make decisions to move our inventory when I decide it's time, regardless of price and profit. It's that time. We know that our buyers are price-sensitive, and I want to make it almost impossible to say "no" to this amazing deal for our total collection of Joseph Ribkoff tops. 
If you want to pay for 3 JR tops, but you want to receive 6 JR tops, use the coupon code below at checkout. You can acutally make 3 = 6!
Coupon Code: JRTOPSJR

This is simply an unreal deal. If you wear and love Joseph Ribkoff tops, you are going to love me...even more!

Please don't wait. Please don't hesitate. First come, first served. And, if you are a VIP Gold member, you have struck it rich. You get special 30% off pricing on these JR tops in addition to Buy 3, Get 3 Free.

If you or if you have a friend that hasn't yet joined VIP Gold, we would encourage you to act now and join the very best discount shopping club anywhere on the internet: VIP Gold! 

Don't wait to join VIP Gold Membership! Click here! 
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