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How We Do Business (Do's and Don't's)

Here's how we do business at AfterRetail:


 What We Do: Through our long-term relationships with designers and manufacturers we are able to get access to styles at very low prices. In turn, we pass those low prices on to our clients. We buy only first quality, authentic, and new styles. We buy the very best of what we are offered by our designers and manufacturers, and we leave the balance for others.   Sometimes we buy showroom samples; in that case, we usually can only obtain one or two sizes of each available style.  Other times, we buy a style that a designer or manufacturer wants to sell to clear out their inventory; in that case, we usually will obtain multiple sizes.  Either way, we buy low and pass that savings on to you!

What We Don't Do: We never buy damaged or irregular merchandise, and we never buy from questionable channels or resources.