Neon Buddha

Neon Buddha brand began their story in Bolivia where they designed and created their very first collection of hand-knit sweaters. Their pieces have been inspired by adventure and travel - from the sheathes of bamboo in the dense Thai jungles, to the rich greens and reds from the gardens of Japan, and the glistening shells on Italy's coastline. Twenty-five years later, that spirit of exploration still lives on in each of their collections. Representing both expressive joy and calm serenity, "Express your zen" plays off the juxtaposition of "Neon" and "Buddha." The neon buddha woman has a zest for life while also valuing her version of comfy and calm - "Express your zen" encapsulates both sides of her. They design effortless pieces that are equally suited for working from home, as they are for walking the family dog, or enjoying a glass of wine. They include special details inspired by cultures around the world and combine them with effortlessly comfortable fabrics that move with you throughout your day.

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